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What does the customer want?

The customer wants complete satisfaction for his investment. The body should feel relaxed and energized after a massage in order to be able to cope with the new challenges of life.

Make a prompt decision for your body – if you wait too long, the muscles can become so tense that appropriate physical exercises are necessary. These physical exercises require the necessary discipline on the part of the client, who should strictly follow the instructions of the therapist.

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What is the purpose of a massage?
Any massage is used to improve wellbeing. When you come to a massage therapist, he or she has to put the treatment together accordingly in order to achieve the greatest possible effect of the massage.

What is the benefit of treating yourself in Lanzarote?
On Lanzarote there are very thin layers of earth and therefore has a high circulation of earth forces which supports the dynamic process of a treatment. This will advance the treatment in a positive way and activate healing more quickly. It is therefore advisable to face this dynamic process.

Hotel and home visits possible by arrangement!

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