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A sports massage ensures that the muscles can move freely again and that you also feel more energetic afterwards. The main focus is on the fascial system.

What is the fascial system?

The fasciae lie between the muscles and keep the muscles movable. You are constantly aligning the body system.

Why work on the fascia?

During sport, stress-related work or even when the muscles are stressed on one side, the fasciae stick together with the muscles. The mobility is restricted. The lack of relaxation hardens the muscles and causes pain.

When the muscles stick to the fascia, an imbalance occurs in the body. This means that the two sides of the body are no longer balanced. This can lead to shortened legs, raised shoulders, neck tension, back pain, headaches, etc. The calf and thigh muscles are extremely tense.

That is why you should not ignore the painful muscles after a heavy load and treat yourself to a sports massage.

Learn what makes relaxation possible.

Especially for athletes

  • Avoiding muscle and tendon injuries
  • Allows the athlete to recover faster from myofascial injuries without chronic problems
  • Helps recovery from hard training and competition
  • Stimulates blood circulation, soothes nervous tension and prepares the athlete for optimal performance while reducing injuries
  • Focuses on preventing the development of chronic injuries and helping to heal from acute incidents

Man consists of two parts, his mind and his body, only the body has more fun.

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